Teaching Experience

Academic Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant

Course Lecturer School Time
Advanced Artificial Intelligence Prof. Jane Yung-Jen Hsu National Taiwan University Spring 2007
Robotics* Prof. Li-Chen Fu National Taiwan University Fall 2005
Special Topics on Mega-Media Systems Prof. Tsai-Yen Li, Pai-Lin Chen, and Hsiao Mei Wu National Chengchi University Spring 2004
Web-based Information Systems: Technologies and Programming Prof. Kung Chen National Chengchi University Fall 2003
Object-oriented Programming in C++ Prof. Tsai-Yen Li, National Chengchi University Spring 2003

*Press Coverage: (Liberal Times- 2005.11.6 , GTV News - 2005.11.11)

Invited Lecture

Course/Title Host School Time
Seminar Talk, Reliable Message-Oriented Service Composition and Management in Pervasive Environments Prof. Tsung-Che Chiang National Taiwan Normal University 2009.5.23
Invited Lecture in the “Design Pattern and Software Development” Course, Software Architecture and Application Frameworks Prof. Chuin-Shan Chen National Taiwan University 2009.4.7
Invited Lecture in the “Design Pattern and Software Development” Course, Practical eXtreme Programming Prof. Chuin-Shan Chen National Taiwan University 2008.3.18
Invited Lecture in the “Advanced Software Design” Course, ORM with Hibernate Persistence Framework Prof. Kung Chen National Chengchi University 2006.1.3

Technical Teaching Experience


Time Course Place Length (day)
2010.12 - 2011.4 Cloud Integration with Java Business Integration (JBI) and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Industrial Technology Research Institute 8
2010.1 Train the Trainer Session, Business Components Development with Enterprise JavaBeans Technology (SL-351-EE6-TTT) GJun Information Co., Ltd. 1
2009.9 Java Web Performance Tuning (SL-860) Sun Education Center 2
2009.3 NetBeans IDE and Glassfish Application Server (SL-740) Sun Education Center 3
2008.8 JSP Standard Tag Library and Customizing JSP Tag Library (SL-314-a) Cathay United Bank 1
2008.1 Fundamental of the Java Programming Language (SL-110) Cathay United Bank 3
2003.8 Introduction to UML and Software Architecture NCCU Computer Center 3
2003.6 Web Programming with ASP.NET NCCU Computer Center 2
2002.5 and 2002.12 Web Programming with PHP and MySQL NCCU Computer Center 3
2001.12 Web Programming with JSP and Servlet NCCU Computer Center 3
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